Games Vision #1

New category in my blog – Games Vision.
I will tell you about games that I played recently.


You need my sign?

Deus Ex Mankind Divided (PC, Square Enix) – game about half-man Adam Jensen that saves the world in the middle of vacation in Prague.
Good graphics, high system requirements, predictible storyline, good art. Game has many ways to solve problems, like to kill everyone with minigun, or to be silent invisible – ghost spy.
I like pop culture references like The Void Which Binds, “IRON MADE in China” and others. Game also got boring tons of text, emails with passcodes and stuff. It also very buggy, crashed in the DirectX 12 mode everytime I tried it. I do not tried to pass DLC for this game, because I passed main storyline in two weeks, it was long.
Rating 8/10


Slayin (Android, FDG) – fresh arcade game for mobile-devices. You need to run around screen, kill enemies and buy items in the shop. I like music, art and controls, this game reminds me classic NES games. Bad thing that you can’t walk in the big scene, only small screen scene.
Rating 5/10


Sword of Xolan (Android, Alper Sarıkaya) – platform arcade game for mobile-devices. You playing samurai – swordman, kill enemies and save people from rusty cages. Not boring gameplay, good controls, but game have low-cost art, music, sound.
Оценка 6/10


The Bard’s Tale (Android, inXile entertainment) – action – rpg remaster for mobile-devices. This games got really fun dialogs, scenes. There is lack of markers to go to, you need to find out everything by yourself, but this is old-school style! There is no way to save game in any point, this is really problem for mobile game. It got good music, art, but unfriendly controls for mobile platform. And this is not a new game, just a remaster of old one.
Rating 7/10