Games Vision #2

I will tell you about games that I played recently.
[Part translated by Google, I was too lazy sry]

aka Sara is Missing (Android, Monsoon Lab) – you find the phone of a girl named Sara. Inside, the phone has a built-in assistant IRIS, she wants to find her mistress and asks you to help her in this. The challenge to understand what was going on in the head of Sara from her messages, photos and video, find where she is. The game is very original and quite frightening. The downside is that there is no localization on Russian and other languages, there is no version of iOS, although it is obvious that the game interface copying Apple products (IRIS – SIRI) Also, the game is very short.
Rating 7/10

The End of The World
(Android, Sean Wenham) – game about breakup – guy wanders in search of wine and sleeping under a bridge, remembering the moments when they were together with his girl. Touching moments memories, sad music, transition to white, an excellent game for female audience, and some of the boys. I do not like boring vector graphics (reminds me of Another World by Éric Chahi), zero gameplay, ten minutes pass. Recommended for all drama lovers / Titanic fans.
Rating: 5/10


Werewolf Tycoon (Android, Joe Williamson) – game about a werewolf who eats people in a city park. The graphics and gameplay are fun – for children, bright colors without the gloomy tone, lack of blood and people like round cupcakes with funny animations. Rounds are short and simple, of the enemies only journalists with cameras. It sounds, looks and plays a lot of fun. Of the minuses – low complexity, viewing ads for the cancellation of Game Over, is not working mechanism of withdrawal of points to social media.
Rating: 6/10