OGLES – Quick Overview

I just drew a red monkey head in 3D, and here is my overview of OpenGL ES.

What if I told you that modern OpenGL can’t draw 3D? Yeah, you need to make almost everything by yourself.
To present something in OpenGL context, you need to chose drawing mode – (triangles, points, etc.), provide vertex buffer, code vertex shader, provide matrices (projection, view, model), bind all values for vertex shader, code pixel shader, and call OpenGL specific drawing method. Easy isn’t it?

Ok so what the hell is vertex buffer? It’s just list with coordinates (x, y, z) to draw.
Vertex shader is the little program that tells GPU coordinates to draw.
Pixel shader is the little program that draws pixels of some color, textures, etc.
Matrices translates your 3D coordinates into 2D screen surface coordinates, that OpenGL can draw.

In upcoming articles we will go deeper and I will show code and results.