Number 2

Comrades, I take pride in projects that were created on the basis of Flame Steel Framework 1 and specifically on Flame Steel Engine 1, namely Death-Mask, Cube Art Project, since all this was conceived as a big experiment, creating a multimedia framework alone that can work on the most platforms. I think the experiment ended successfully immediately after the release of the Cube Art Project.

Now about the decisions that I came to during the development of new projects on FSFramework 1

During the development of Space Jaguar and the Space Jaguar Galaxy Bastards shooter, it became clear that the Flame Steel Framework tools were already outdated, not even having time to become at least somewhat convenient.

Therefore, I decided to develop a completely new Flame Steel Framework 2. The main decision will be to switch to my Rise 2 transpiler language, and the Component System (ECS) will no longer be used architecturally, because. it turned out to be needed only within the framework of game logic with great dynamics. For this reason, in Flame Steel Framework 2, the component system will only be possible while using the scripting languages ​​that are planned to be implemented (at least Lua and JavaScript), an interesting feature is that these languages ​​​​are dynamic in nature, so additional creation of the component system is redundant.

You can follow the development of new projects on the blog and on Gitlab: