Cube Art Project

Cube Art Project – cubes based 3D editor.
You can build, remove cubes, move around scene by WSAD + E controls, use mouse wheel to change cube color. Only 16 colors are supported, but there will be enhancements in future.

Web version



Linux (x86-64)

(Proof of concept, usb-mouse required)

Source Code

Technologies: SDL, Emscripten, MinGW, Glew, GLM, Cpp-JSON

Death-Mask Release!

Today I release Death-Mask game, based on Flame Steel Engine, Flame Steel Engine Game Toolkit and other cool technologies.

In this game you will play a role of Revil-Razorback, guy who wants to find mysterious artifact called the Death-Mask. This artifacts gives an eternal life to it’s owner. You will walk through endless techno-maze, and die many many times, before you find want you want.

There will be 3D models updates, minor gameplay changes in the distant future.

Death Mask – Cyber Fantasy Adventure in Endless Techno-Maze. Prepare to die!