Games Vision #4

The fourth issue of not very consistent category about games Games Vision.

World Of Horror (Crossplatform, panstasz) – roguelike game in the style of early access uh what? Text horror adventure with RPG elements? Graphically, the game resembles the ’80s, is given a choice of a 1-bit or 2-bit palette, with variations.

Controls seems strange at first, but eventually you get used to, because of the fact it roguelike to surprise and be original in every aspect. Stunning chiptune music, Japanese aesthetics of the late 80’s, inspired by the works of visual Junji Ito, strange stories in the style of Lovecraft, almost infinite replayability.
What else do you need?
Rating: 9/10

Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] (PC, Daniele Vicinanzo, Giulio Perrone, Leonard Menchiari) – a modern style game Another World, Flashback. Palette specifically reduced to CGA colors. Description of the game to start with a legend of its creation: Approximately in 1987 one of the developers of children’s Eternal Castle saw the game and remember it for a lifetime, as a result of the game did not come out, but the source was able to find and recover in 2019, releasing an improved version. However, the description on Steam contains information that is remaster bestseller in 1987, but that year a game with this name did not come out, that’s true and what’s not for you to decide.

The graphics and gameplay are clearly sharpened for nostalgia of the good old days, very often there are times when it seems that the game hung, but a fact, you just need to press a button or move the action to see what is happening on the screen. This trick gives rise to a feeling of embarrassment and loss of control, which is often used in older games, what to reject completely modern.
Rating: 8/10

Death & Taxes (PC, Placeholder Gameworks) – Have you ever dreamed to work as a judge and executioner at the same face? Love the long black robes, scythes, crunching his knuckles? Then this is the perfect game for you because “It is impossible to avoid the only two things – death and taxes.”

This is a unique simulator of the angel of death, will choose who should live and who will die. In addition to the killings, or gifts of life, you can read news feeds to your smartphone, see how choices affect peace on earth. You also need to communicate with supervisor named Fate, buy items, and all utensils for the table, for example, I bought a brutal cactus. Do not forget to talk to the mirror, very exciting. Among the few drawbacks is worth noting the overall intimacy of what is happening within a few days of playing the game becomes a bit monotonous.
Rating: 8/10