Share Demon’s Cave!

Question: “I want to share your game Demon’s Cave. What to do?”
Okay, you just need to copy-paste this code into your html:

<iframe width="640" height="384"

Here is jsfiddle link with example:

Question: “I want to put advertisment on top of your Demon’s Cave game, is that ok?”
Yes that’s ok, please provide link to

Question: “I want to sell Demon’s Cave game, is that ok?”
You need to change graphics and music first, because it’s licensed under free for end-user license, please check Credits Page.
You can use fsagamelibrary.js as you wish, provide link to
If you do not give a link to the main site, the demon will come in to your dreams :^)

Question: “I want to modify your game, can I share it with you?”
Of Course! Send link to my twitter, facebook, or email.

Demon’s Cave game credits page is available here:

Demens Deum Manifesto

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Demens Deum – team of indie developers, we create new and interesting things, whether it be games, software, music, comics. In the world there are very few teams are ready to experiment with ideas, technologies, feelings. Our manifesto – down with the usual scope of genres, down gray stamped hits – strike with experiment original universes, exciting stories to shock boring people and excite the heart of thirst!