My Retro 16-bit Experience

Sorry for Runglish.
One day I got email, with something like this text:
“Hey! we are going to start retro game jam – bitbitjam3!!! You need to create game for some retro platform (8-16 bit)!!!”
Wow! It was my childhood dream – to create game for my favourite 16-bit console – Sega Genesis.
So I tried to create game for #bitbitjam3 game-jam, and I created something:
This thing called – “Red Queen Rampage”. Story of this game “Red Queen has been captured inside deadly maze, she is going to kill everything on her way to freedom.”
You can walk, you can attack green thing with red eyes, you can open treasure chest, and you can move from scene to scene.
This is actually hello-world level project in sega genesis world. I used SGDK toolset – GCC-based Motorola 68K compiler, and sega genesis specific hardware libraries.
Now I understood that it was really tough business to make games 20-30 years ago. For example – graphics (tiles) must be splitted into 8×8 pixels pieces, and then drawed together one-by-one. Every tiles must have its own pallete, only 16 color available! Damn its very easy to be gamedev at present time.
And like in nowadays – you need to create game engine, sound engine, graphics engine for game.
You can look at playable prototype of Red Queen Rampage by using Sega Genesis emulator with this ROM:
If you interested in source code: