Nixenv Command Line Tools for Windows

I made my own MSYS alternative – coretools + git + cmake + make + msvs msbuild in PATH environment variable. For people who want to build projects from command line on Windows, and to use Linux tools in the process. You can download it here:

Install, change paths in nixenv.bat file and run it.

Death Mask Prototype

Today I announce Death Mask Prototype at least for Desktop (Windows, OS X, Linux)
I can make it available for web if I would solve resource loading problems (assimp emscripten support, textures loading)
In this prototype you will be able to run around and move between levels. I will demonstrate simpliest level generation, controls handling, 3D rendering of complex models by FSGL.
I hope I can release prototype in this year.

Flame Steel Battle Axe

Today I announce game scene editor for Flame Steel Game Toolkit – Flame Steel Battle Axe.

This editor will allow you to edit/save/load flame steel game toolkit game scene. Because it’s boring to write code for every scene, and I want to have some serialized scene file format.
I chose Kotlin (JVM) language for implementing this editor.

You can check progress here: